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Who I am. I am Samantha I am 23 years old, I study cosmetology and body aesthetics, I am a woman with a very positive energy, very cheerful and friendly, I am very clear about my goals and my life project. I like to make people feel good, I like to meet new people and have pleasant and unique moments! Tastes and hobbies "I like to play sports especially skating, I like to travel, to know new places, cultures and people, to go to the cinema, gastronomically speaking I love Italian food, especially Pasta. I love watching movies and watching soccer. " Physically, what makes me fascinating? I am a very beautiful and striking woman I have dark brown waist length hair which I take care of completely, I have a divine smile and my body is natural I do not have any surgery, I have very big buttocks and beautiful breasts. Something unique that I like to do in bed? I love to masturbate your penis with my breasts while I do the oral, and I pass my breasts all over your body, I definitely love that you feel me in your whole body!

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Samantha Blanco
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